Russian woman with severe lung damage was hospitalized after complaints in social networks

Employees of the hospital in Omsk refused to re-hospitalize a former nurse with 35 years of experience and 90 percent lung damage. This was done only after a complaint from his daughter and the reaction of officials, RIA Novosti reports.

Now the Russian woman is receiving treatment and feels better, her condition is assessed as stable, the press service of the regional Ministry of Health assured. “The temperature is normal, weakness remains, shortness of breath (but does not increase), saturation 95 percent on the background of oxygen therapy, receives all the necessary medications,” the department said.

They noted that the patient was allegedly immediately accepted for treatment when her relatives took her to the hospital. The ministry added that the medical history of the 64-year-old patient indicated that on November 13 she was discharged of her own free will for family reasons. “At home, the patient’s condition worsened again. Perhaps the reason for this was the load caused by climbing to the fifth floor without an elevator,” the Ministry of Health said.

On November 14, in the Omsk Incident group on VKontakte, a local resident Elena Rusakova wrote that her mother spent two weeks in an Omsk hospital, after which she was discharged and said that she was cured. Having approached the house, the woman could not walk on her own, her husband carried her up the stairs to the fifth floor. “Several hours passed, my mother began to grow cold, her face turned blue, I cannot convey this nightmare in any words,” wrote the patient’s daughter.

Relatives let the patient down the stairs in their arms, loaded her into the car and took her to the hospital on their own, because all this time it was impossible to get through to the ambulance. Clinic workers told their relatives that they could not accept “self-brought”, because they would be fired for this.

“And then I got carried away. She was discharged to die home, does this statistic mean this? The fact that a person dies three hours after discharge does not apply to a medical facility?” Rusakova was indignant.

She added that the doctors initially did not want to treat her mother and when they first asked for help, she was allegedly kicked out of the office with the words: “There is no mood to receive.” A week later, the Russian woman’s condition worsened, her lungs were 95 percent affected, and she stopped walking. Only after that they agreed to admit her to the hospital in an almost unconscious state.