Appimage Developer Releases Hellosystem 0.8.1 BSD System

Simon Peter, the creator of the format of self-sufficient packages Appimage, has announced the release of the distribution Hellosystem 0.8.1. This system is based on FreeBSD 13 and is designed for ordinary users who are dissatisfied with Apple’s policies and looking for an alternative to MacOS. Hellosystem aims to provide a simple and user-friendly interface free from the complexities typically associated with modern Linux devices.

The distribution offers an interface that resembles MacOS, complete with two panels: the upper panel features a global menu, while the lower panel features the application panel. To create the global menu and the status line, the distribution uses a package called panda-statusbar developed by the Cyberos (formerly PandaOS) team. The application panel, which is based on the cyber-Dock project, is developed by the cyberos team as well. File management is done using filr, which is based on PCManfm-Qt from the LXQT project.

Hellosystem 0.8.1 comes with Falkon browser pre-installed, but Firefox and Chromium are also optionally available. Applications are supplied in the form of self-sufficient packages and can be launched using the utility launch, which finds the program and analyzes errors when performing.

The distribution includes a series of own applications such as a configurator, installer, mountarchive utility for archives, data restoration utility with ZFS, disk for breaking disks, network settings indicator, screenshots utility, zeroConf browser, volume indicator, and utility for tuning the boot environment. Python and QT library are used for development, and the supported development components include Pyqt, QML, QT, KDE Frameworks, and GTK. As for file systems, ZFS is used as the main file system, and UFS, Exfat, NTFS, EXT4, HFS+, XFS, and MTP are supported for mounting.

One of the significant changes in Hellosystem 0.8.1 is the implementation of the ability to enter the network when connecting via USB to the Android Smartfon (USB Tethering).

Hellosystem 0.8.1 can be downloaded through a torrent, which is 941 MB in size. Visit the project repository on Github to learn more about the distribution and its features.

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