Russian Sellers’ New Trick: Activated iPhone Sale

Russian retailers have begun selling iPhones that have been purchased and activated abroad to circumvent sanctions. This news comes after reports of the appearance of first-party activated iPhones in certain Russian stores. Devices that have been activated abroad come with a note stating that they are not tied to any Apple ID account.

It should be noted that the warranty for such iPhones begins operating from the moment of activation, and sellers provide an annual guarantee for these products. However, retailers fear that if mass activation of iPhones in Russia is detected, the manufacturer can block these devices. Therefore, retailers plan to bring in large batches of inactive devices from abroad, which will be sold at a higher price and in smaller quantities.

According to market representatives, foreign partners of the retailers purchase iPhones and iPads from the USA and other countries in large quantities but avoid secondary sanctions by Apple by crushing these parts. Nevertheless, even in this case, the manufacturer can still detect where the iPhone was purchased and activated. At present, it will be more difficult for Apple to track the further fate of these devices after activation.

Despite the new sales scheme, concerns remain regarding the possible repercussions for sellers and buyers who circumvent sanctions. Nevertheless, the demand for the iPhone in Russia remains high, and it remains to be seen how this new development will affect Apple’s business in Russia.

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