Barcelona’s Largest Hospital Hit by Cyberattack

Barcelona Hospital Forced to Cancel Urgent Operations and Patient Examinations Due to Cyber-Attack

Barcelona’s Clinic de Barcelona has been hit by a cyber attack that has caused severe damage to its computer system. The attack, reportedly carried out by the Ransom House hackers group in Spain, has forced the hospital to cancel 150 urgent operations and up to 3,000 patient examinations. This information is according to the Associated Press.

The hospital director, Anthony Castel, held a press conference where he revealed that the facility’s emergency plan will allow it to function within a few days. However, he expressed hope that the system could be restored earlier.

The regional cybersecurity agency Catalonia released a statement confirming the origin of the attack. The hospital has been forced to revert to paper-based documentation and redirect new urgent cases to other hospitals in the city.

As of now, the hackers have not made any ransom demands. The situation has caused widespread concern about the vulnerability of hospitals and healthcare systems to cyber-attacks. The incident highlights the need for robust cybersecurity measures within the healthcare industry.

This latest attack on a medical facility follows a string of cyber-attacks on hospitals worldwide, with many organizations facing significant harm to their systems and operations.

It is crucial that governments and healthcare organizations work together to improve cybersecurity defenses and protect patients’ data and medical records. Only by taking a collaborative approach can we ensure that medical facilities are protected from any future threat.

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