Iranian Hackers Cancel Israel University Exams

Israel Accuses Iranian Hackers of Attacking Leading University

The Israeli National Cybernetic Office (INCD) has accused the Iranian government hackers, the Muddywater group, of attacking the Raising Program at Israel’s leading university, Technion. The attack, which occurred in February, forced Technion to postpone exams and disable their IT systems.

In an earlier development, the Darkbit group had claimed responsibility for the attack, demanding a ransom of 80 bitcoins (valued at $1.7 million at the time) for recovery of the files. However, this week, INCD attributed the attack to the Muddywater group, which was recently linked with the Iranian Department of Intelligence and Security by US cybercards.

The British and American authorities have warned about the Muddywater group, which is allegedly targeting a number of government and private organizations in various sectors, including telecommunications, defense, local self-government, oil, and natural gas. The group is believed to be active across Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America.

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