Issue Samba 4.18.0

Samba 4.18.0 Released with Full Implementation of Domain and Active Directory Controller

The Samba Team has presented the release of Samba 4.18.0, continuing the development of the Samba 4 branch with the full implementation of the Domain and Active Directory domain and service controller. This release is compatible with the implementation of Windows 2008 and is capable of serving all support versions of Windows, including Windows 11. Samba 4 is a multifunctional server product that also provides the implementation of the file server, the seal service, and the Winbind server.

Key changes in Samba 4.18.0 include:

Continued work to eliminate regression in the performance of loaded SMB servers that appeared as a result of adding protection against vulnerabilities that manipulate symbolic links. In addition to the last issue of work to reduce the system calls when checking the catalog name and stopping the use of Wakeup Consignment in the processing of competing operations, in version 4.18, overlaid expenses are reduced in the processing of locks for competing operations with file routes. As a result, the performance of the opening and closing operations of files was brought to the level of Samba 4.12.

In the Samba-Tool utility, the withdrawal of more concise and accurate errors. Instead of the conclusion of the chassis of calls indicating the position in the code, in which the problem arose, which did not always allow you to immediately understand what was the case, in the new version, the conclusion is limited to a description of the cause of the error (for example, an incorrect name of the user or password, an incorrect name of the file with the database LDB, the absence Name in the DNS, the inaccessibility of the network, the incompetent arguments of the command line, etc.). If the problem is identified, the complete trace of the Python-glass continues to be displayed, which can also be obtained when the option is-D3 ‘. This information may be required to find the cause of the problem in Web or add an error notification to the sent.

In all Samba-Tool teams, support for the option “–color = Yes | No | Auto” to control output output. In the “–color = AUTO” mode, the release of color is used only when it is withdrawn to the terminal. Instead of ‘Yes’, it is allowed to indicate the values ‘Always’ and ‘Force’, instead of ‘no’ – ‘Never’ and ‘None’, instead of ‘auto – tty’ and ‘if-tty’.

Added support for the NO_COLOR environment variable to turn off the output backlight, in situations when the ANSI color codes are used or the mode “–color = auto”.

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