GNU Octave 8 Released for Mathematical Calculations

RELEASE: GNU Octave 8.1.0 Now Available

A new system release to perform mathematical calculations, GNU Octave 8.1.0, has been made available for public use. This marks the first release of the 8.x branch and provides an interpreted language that is widely compatible with Matlab. Users can solve linear problems, nonlinear and differential equations, calculate using complex numbers and matrices, visualize data, and conduct mathematical experiments with the system.

Several changes have been implemented in this new version of GNU Octave including the addition of a new widget with the terminal that is disconnected by default, new fonts for the viewer of documentation, and a 5x performance increase in the function of filter, which also led to improvements in the performance of FFTFILT and ARMA_RND functions. Additionally, the graphic interface now features the option to use a dark design theme and new contrasting icons in the toolbar.

GNU Octave 8.1.0 also features complete compatibility with the library for working regular expressions PCRE2, which comes enabled by default. A large portion of changes aimed at improving compatibility with Matlab, expanding the possibilities of many existing functions, has been added. Finally, the new release includes several new functions, such as CleAralmemoMoizedCeches, Matlab.lang.memoizedfunction, Memoize, Normalize, Pagectranspose, PageTranspose, and Uifigure.

For more information on these updates, refer to the release notes available here.

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