Retroarch 1.15 Emulator Released

Libretro has released RetroArch 1.15, a project that develops a superstructure for emulating various game consoles to launch classic games using a simple unified graphic interface. The emulator supports consoles including Atari 2600/7800/Jaguar/Lynx, Game Boy, Mega Drive, Nes, Nintendo 64/DS, PCENGINE, PSP, Sega 32X/CD, Supernes and more. The software can use gamepads from existing game consoles including PlayStation 3, Dualshock 3, 8Bitdo, Xbox 1 and Xbox 360, as well as general-purpose gamepads like Logitech F710. RetroArch also supports advanced features, including multi-user games, game state preservation, image quality improvement and video gestation.

Changes include improved MacOS platform support, including support for MFI protocol for gamepads and simultaneous support for graphics API OpenGL and Metal. A driver for the API Vulkan supports HDR and the GLCORE driver to output the video using OpenGL 3.2 has been added. RetroArch for MacOS has been posted on Steam. The shader system has also been improved with the possibility of a cascading and imposing a shader preference. RetroArch has an alternative method for calculating the displayed personnel called “Preemptive Frames,” which provides better performance due to the rewriting of history in front of the current frame only when changing the state of the controller. In the test with the launch of the game Donkey Kong Country 2 in the emulator SNES9X 2010, performance increased from 1963 to 2400 frames per second.

Other changes include the Android platform support for using the device either as a physical keyboard or a gamepad, improved support for the Wayland protocol, added support for extensions of the Pointer-Constraints and Relative-Pointer, and improved support for graphic API Vulkan. The menu has also been processed. RetroArch is ideal for gamers looking for their favourite console games in one unified interface.

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