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A man with a machete attacked passersby in Canada
Japan: allowed possibility of applying preventive strikes on opponent databases
Discovery of a skeleton in Herculanum should bring a new light on eruption of Vesuvius
Fishing licenses in Channel: Paris wants a solution by November 1st with Jersey
IH took responsibility for undermining mosque in Kandahar
Chinese Spaceship “Shenzhou-13” docked with an orbital station
United States: An actress holds a civilian complaint for rape against Bill Cosby
League 1: Paris-Saint-Germain is just imposed against Angers
Risk of death in non-infected COVID-19 was 11 times higher
NASA: discovered details of incident on ISS
Serbian President stated price of gas inadmissible by Russia
Bill Clinton left in hospital
Serbian President will discuss with Putin gas prices
Vice Prime Minister Overchuk met with Salmwan in Washington
Proton-PM expands cooperation with Permian Lyubsami
Central African Republic: President Touadéra decrees a “unilateral ceasefire” with rebels
Australian submarine crisis: European Union considers that “incident” with Washington
OKB “TORK” awarded winners of creative contest “Space Odyssey-2021”
Emmanuel Journalist of size is dead
Biden commented on clinton state and knocked on tree
Mosque of Allonnes: opening of an investigation for “Apology of terrorism”
Students and students of Moscow educational institutions visit GKNPC them. M.V. Khrunichev in framework of “week without turnstiles”
Afghanistan: multiplication of attacks casts doubt on ability of Taliban to guarantee security
Russian Foreign Ministry talked about hysteria of West before opening of “Northern Flow-2”
Biodiversity: With its “Kunming Statement”, China launches negotiation of a new global framework
Cost Xiaomi Redmi 10 in Russia
“Ray” provides a “Call”
“ROSTEK” will release bracelets for persons
Russian Foreign Ministry called on Taliban to strengthen security in Afghanistan
Paris: municipal police concretizes
End of free tests for all: “I prefer to pay than to be vaccinated” Against Covid-19
Cargo ship “Progress MS-18” is allowed to refuel
Canada: whole city will begin to dash with help of Mineland Bitcoins
Rouen-Normandy metropolis disapproves of choice of buyerie Chapelle-Darblay and announces
Russia: resumed production of revolver “Nagan”
Strasbourg metropolis establishes a low-emission area from 1 January 2022
Sanitary pass: MPs temporarily loosen system in committee
China’s largest developer collided with new difficulties
“Get Back”, creative twilight of Beatles
Small graphic guide to understand fleece from fuel prices
A big mistake of China
Sexist and sexual violence: Ministry of Higher Education presents its action plan
Opel: union IG Metall threat stellantis of a “mass conflict”
Baikonur is prepared by Proton-M carrier rocket and overclocking block “Breeze-M”
Shares “Rusala” installed a record
Harmful effect of antibiotics is estimated
US: “Armageddon” came
Coast of Spain found bodies of four people