Cocaine on Channel coast: warning against “narcotourism”

Risks of criminal prosecution or fatal ingestion: the Rennes prosecutor warns on Friday all those who are tempted to go and recover bales of cocaine on the Norman coast where more than 2 tonnes of this drug were failed.

MO12345lemonde with AFP

It is a free warning. Addressing those who are tempted to go and recover bales from cocaine on the Norman coast, Philippe Astruc, the Rennes prosecutor who directs the specialized interregional court (Jirs), warned, Friday, March, against the ” narcotourism “.

No new arrival had been reported on Friday morning on the beaches of the Manche department on Friday morning, where packages totaling more than 1.2 tonnes failed on Wednesday, especially in the Réville area. On Sunday, more than 800 kilos had already been discovered, resulting in the multiplication of gendarmerie patrols in the region as well as overviews of a national navy helicopter.

offense and health risk

Other packages could however be discovered in the coming days, said the magistrate in charge of the case in a press point: “Taking one of these bundles and transporting them Constituting a crime punishable by ten years’ imprisonment, “he said. At the criminal risk is added a danger to health, added the magistrate. “At the time it is, I do not have the degree of purity of this cocaine. But we know of experience that when it arrives in Europe, this cocaine is generally pure between 80 and 90 %, which means that the ingestion of these products as they present themselves there is fatal, “he insisted.

The magistrate recalled that during a previous “white tide” at the end of 2019 on the beaches of an area ranging from the Pyrénées-Atlantiques to Brittany, a young man died after consuming cocaine found on a beach . The origin of cocaine recently found in Normandy remains unknown and the investigation will try to establish whether the products arrived on Sunday and Wednesday come from the same cargo, he said.

The survey was entrusted to the Rennes prosecutor’s office where the specialized interregional court (JRIRS), in connection with the Paris prosecutor’s office, sits. The latter should resume the management of the investigation “in the coming days”, added Mr. Astruc.

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