Release Wine 8.3

took place The experimental release of open implementation Winapi – wine 8.3 . From the moment of release of version 8.2, 29 errors were closed and 230 changes were made.

The most important changes:

  • Added Support Smartkart, implemented using a layer psksc-lite .
  • . . .

  • When selecting memory, support for a heap with a low fragmentation ( low fragments Heap ).
  • The library includes zydis for a more correct dizassembing.
  • Closed errors related to the work of games:
    Escape from Tarkov, Hardwar UIM6.0, 3D Sexvilla 2, Saints Row: The Third Heavy Rain.
  • Closed errors related to applications: Office 2007 Installer, Untis 2015, AusweisApp2 1.x, Seneka Ebdys Client, Aruba Key, Wavelab, Keepasxc, SpeedCommander 20, Rich EDIT.
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