USA Suspected of Spying China Through Port Crashes

The Pentagon is expressing concern over potential espionage from China using Chinese-made port cranes located in American ports throughout the country. The Wall Street Journal cites sources in American counterintelligence who claim that the Chinese Kranes of ZPMC are hiding a Trojan horse, with complex sensors installed in the cranes that can track the origin and destination of containers exported or imported to the United States.

Former high US counterintelligence officer Bill Evanin says that these taps also provide remote access for those looking to violate logistics goods. “This is the perfect combination of a legal business, which can also be disguised as a secret collection of intelligence,” said Evanin.

In response to these claims, a representative of the Chinese embassy in Washington said that the US fears about spy cranes are paranoia and an attempt to prevent trade and economic cooperation with China. The PRC Embassy indicated that the spread of the theory of the “Chinese threat” would be irresponsible and damaging to US interests.

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