Nitrux 2.7 Launches with NX Desktop and Maui Shell

Nitrux 2.7.0, a distribution built on the DEBIAN package base and KDE technology, has been released by the Nitrux project, using the openrc initialization system. The project’s unique offering is its own desktop called NX Desktop, which is a superstructure over KDE Plasma, as well as a separate environment of Maui Shell. The distribution is based on the Maui library and develops typical user applications that can be easily installed using self-sufficient Appimages packages. The complete loading image size is 3.2 GB (NX Desktop) and 2.6 GB (MAUI Shell), and the projects are distributed under free licenses.

The NX Desktop desktop has unique features like its own implementation of the system tray, the notification output center, and various plasmoids such as the configurator of network connections, multimedia applet to regulate the volume and control of the playback of multimedia content. Some of the notable applications that can be used using the mauikit framework are the Index file manager (can be used by Dolphin), Note text editor, Station terminal emulator, VVAVE Musical player, CLIP video player, NX Software Center application control center, and PIX Viewer.

Maui Shell, on the other hand, is designed with the ‘concrege’ concept in mind, which implies the possibility of working with the same applications on laptop screens, PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Maui Shell automatically adapts to the size of the screen and affordable methods for entering information. The project code is written in C ++ and QML and is distributed under the LGPL 3.0 license. Maui Shell uses mauikit components to build graphic interfaces.

You can access the complete loading image at the following link (3.2 GB for NX Desktop and 2.6 GB for Maui Shell): The project can be viewed at

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