Amazfit Launches Smartwatch with Chatgpt

Amazfit, which is part of Zepp Health, announced about the release of the new version of the Zepp OS operating system for smart watches. The main innovation was the integration of the ChatGPT language model created by Openai.

It is reported that a separate dial with chat is provided for working with the neural network, where the user can ask questions and give commands. The chatbot responds to requests and provides brief information on the topic of interest, for example, about weather, traffic jams, date and time in different cities. Also, the user can learn information from the Internet and much more.

Source: gizmochina

“The dial created using ChatGPT will provide users with unique experience by offering an interface that combines the latest artificial intelligence technologies with the convenience of smart watches,” the company said.

Amazfit believes that ChatGPT integration will allow the company to compete with market flagships such as Samsung and Apple. So far, this is the first time ChatGPT officially appeared in smart gadgets.

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