Life News | Page 4

National Assembly, Renaissance and Horizons tear on fight against recurrence
Researchers retrace saga of domestication of vineyard
Football: FFF renounces to fire Florence Hardouin for “serious fault”
Lyon, management of Euronews announces two hundred layoffs and “redeployment of journalists’ teams”
Plex denied presence of vulnerabilities in current version of its
Jazzman Wayne Shorter died at age of 89
“Manayek, betrayal in police”, on Arte: in darkness of Tel Aviv police station
More than 2 tonnes of cocaine found stranded on Channel coast since Sunday
Somalia: 210 civilians killed in twenty-four days in fighting in Somaliland
Euronews plans to remove nearly two hundred posts in Lyon
Universal National Service: possible generalization of program arouses stir
Frenchman Benjamin Brière, acquitted on appeal in mid-February, is still imprisoned in Iran
Inflation in euro zone persists at very high level
US intelligence: Energy weapons are not cause of an unknown Havana syndrome, as previously reported
Github secret leaks detecting function is now open to public repositories
New life under surveillance of Franco-Palestinian lawyer Salah Hamouri
Train accident in Greece: station manager “admits an error”, government makes its mea culpa
Ethical hacker arrested for stealing personal data of millions of users
Openai opened API ChatGPT and Whisper for developers
Israel: challenge to reform of justice joins criticism of violence committed by settlers
Pensions: link between legal starting age and unemployment of seniors confirmed by study
Renault opens capital of its subsidiary thermal engines to Saudi oil group Aramco
“In terms of parity, Iceland breaks all records”
On pension reform, budgetary equation difficult to resolve
META* will release AR-windows that can project holograms in real world
Issue Open Godot 4.0
Poland accused Russia of Kiberatak on portal of tax service
Russia: drawing of child against war in Ukraine can lead his parents to police station
Cisco corrected critical vulnerability in number of its IP telephones
Trezor cryptochell warns its customers about mass phishing campaign
Emmanuel Macron will pay tribute to Gisèle Halimi in Paris on March 8, International Women’s Rights Day
Emmanuel Macron started his African tour on theme of forest protection in Gabon
Angell will design connected electric bikes of mini
Tiktok will limit use of service for minors
SpaceX rocket and members of CREW-6 mission took off towards ISS
Sexuality education: three associations attack State for “lack of implementation of law”
Havana syndrome: American authorities dismiss track from foreign power
Greece: after bruising train accident, dilapidation of rail network pointed out
Pension reform: Senate expects “clarifications” from government
Question of purchasing power is reinvited to government’s agenda and Emmanuel Macron
New statue discovered on Easter Island
Marina Viotti, Bertrand Chamayou and Alexandra Marcellier rewarded at thirteenth music victories
Panama: Supreme Court rejects recognition of homosexual marriage
US Congress limits responsible investments and pushes Biden to veto
French Cup: Annecy eliminates Marseille and joins Toulouse, Nantes and Lyon in half
Kandinsky masterpiece sold nearly 42 million euros at auction, record for artist
New York will pay millions of dollars for police violence during demonstration
At trial of an “revenue” of Islamic State, jihadist conviction in feminine