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It is Roald Dahl that we would sweeten
Football: at 1958 World Cup, thirteen works of Just Fontaine
Beijing, Belarusian leader Alexandre Loukachenko approves Chinese plan for “crisis
“The passenger”: fictional fictional heart of Cormac McCarthy
Cybercriminals attack legal companies using harmful programs of Gootloader and Fakeupdates
Dozen riflemen will return to Senegal thanks to assistance from French State
DART mission: astronomers learn from first trial test for an asteroid
Explosions of Nord Stream pipelines had significant impact on Baltic Sea ecosystem
Iran: hundred new cases of schoolgirl intoxication in city of Ardabil
New Record: Hackers for two whole years had access to internal networks of News Corp media conclict
US Army will equip combat drones with recognition system from Realnetworks
Year later, tenacious mysteries of murder of Yvan Colonna within Arles prison
Concern about fate of Franco-Afghan journalist held by Taliban
“Global warming is main engine of worsening conflicts in West Africa”
CISA warns about active use of RCE-vulnerability ZK Java Framework
“The trade unionist”: Jean-Paul Salomé films Isabelle Huppert in opaque heroine
Maritime pollution in Marseille: residents and associations file complaint
Director of wage guarantee regime dismissed for “gross negligence”
Pedocrime: an ex-deputy LREM alternate of Loire sentenced to one year in prison
Separate repository with firmware has been launched for Debian 12
After Commission, European Parliament prohibits Tiktok to its staff
Totalnergies project in Uganda: disappointment of NGOs after rejection of their requests deemed “inadmissible”
Published by Linux from Scratch 11.3 and Beond Linux from Scratch 11.3
“I have never accused her of harassment,” said Minister of Sports
VK forbade remote work for her employees from abroad
Being whistleblower in company is no longer vain fight, but has lot of victims
Avian flu: Cambodia dismisses hypothesis of transmission between human beings
Microsoft opened Cheriot, hardware solution to increase safety of code in SI
COVID-19: pandemic “most likely” caused by laboratory leak in Wuhan, according to FBI
Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, black mayor and lesbian, fails to be elected for second term
Pension reform: beginnings of an agreement between government and right in Senate
Pushed towards FFF exit, Noël Le Graët falls back on FIFA and launches legal counter-offensive
At trial of four ex-agents of RTE continued for actions on electrical network
Greece: train accident left at least sixteen dead and dozens of injured
EDF: CEO, Luc Rémont, calls for “collective awareness” to straighten company
Jon Favreau, father of “Mandalorian” and master in digital entertainment
IRSN employees mobilized against nuclear governance reform
GitHub has implemented check of leakage of confidential data in repositories
Update Firefox 110.0.1 and Firefox for Android 110.1.0
Iran: uranium particles enriched at almost 90 %, threshold required to produce an atomic bomb
Christmas Le Graët after his resignation: “It’s well-organized politico-media cabal”
Paris 2024: drawn, they give up buying too expensive tickets
Ecological transition: an envelope of 25 million euros intended to “green” culture
Laborious beginnings of European “silk routes”
Paradox of organic wine, between optimism and discouragement
Sharks have resisted better than other species in face of fifth major mass extinction
Scallops: against backdrop of war in Ukraine, Russian federation leaves Europe to relate to Asia
Ford cars will independently leave owner if he expenses car loan payment