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Russia: CPI prosecutor investigates deportations of Ukrainian children
PSG defender Achraf Hakimi indicted for rape and “supported” by his club
Horse riding, practice of five thousand years old
On March 12, Linux will be founded and youth
American lawyer Alex Murdaugh sentenced to life prison for murder of his wife and son
Pension reform: how government suggests that it would create minimum pension at 1,200 euros
Seizures of cryptoactives used by delinquents explode
Pension reform: strike begins in energy
Tunisia: country ignites around sub -Saharan immigration
CISA: Royal Mounting Program extortes to $ 11 million from victims
Five “nineties” films to introduce her children to
Rosette Poletti, Doula end -of -life in Switzerland: “Talking about her death to someone can be extremely beneficial”
“Activists for climate cannot be Saviors of Humanity alone”
Microsoft introduced universal neural network Kosmos-1, which can solve tests for IQ and mathematical equations
Black tide in Philippines blocks thousands of fishermen on dock
Available Thorium 110, faster fork Chromium
Iran: UN and Germany ask that cases of poisoning of schoolgirls be “elucidated”
Roskomnadzor set deadline for implementation of Antifrod system
RN is trying to gap between consumers and farmers
Cuba: complaint filed with UN against arbitrary incarcerations
Hatch Bank announced data leak after breaking Goanywhere MFT
Ales Bialiatski Colauréat of Nobel Peace Prize, sentenced to ten years in prison in Belarus
India: G20 trapped by its divisions on war in Ukraine
Corruption in Iraq: Ericsson sentenced in United States to fine of more than $ 200 million
Achraf Hakimi, Paris Saint-Germain and Moroccan international footballer, indicted for rape
Biden accommodated data of credit cards of 2 million people from around world
Pivot from South Korea to Japan upsets Chinese regime
Vega-C: part made in Ukraine behind failure of first commercial flight of rocket
War in Ukraine: Russia reports, for first time, to fight on its soil
Pension reform: unemployment of seniors, dead angle of public debate
Bassma Kodmani, Syrian political scientist and opponent, is dead
Man indicted for “kidnapping and sequestration” and two others in police custody
US regulator did not allow Neuralink to test neuroimplant in humans
Microsoft has released Windows security updates that eliminate Intel processors vulnerabilities
At Cultura, 1.2 million children’s pounds will be sold at 1 euro
After murderous train accident in Greece, police searched Larissa station
Faced with excesses of India, accomplice silence of Westerners
Vulnerability to Strongswan IPSEC, allowing remote code execution
Beaubourg, sculptures of Germaine Richier under sign of destruction and terror
VGEM driver processing in Rust
Canada: companies receive authorization to sell cocaine
Cambodia condemns opponent Kem Sokha to 27 years in prison for betrayal
How “super corals” of Red Sea are resistant to warming
Death of Wayne Shorter, jazz saxophonist and composer
MEPs vote for leaving for death of child
First images of corridor detected in 2016 in pyramid of Khéops
Presidential in Nigeria: Atiku Abubakar, second in ballot, denounces “a rape of democracy”
Strike in air: administration requests to cancel between 20 and 30 % of flights on 7 and