Pension reform: how government suggests that it would create minimum pension at 1,200 euros

Approximations on the gross amount, including a flip-flop on the costing of beneficiaries, the government has bugged itself for several months in a misty communication.

per Assma Maad and Romain Geoffroy

“The debate is complicated because the government makes it complicated by saying the opposite of what it does.” On the set of the program” c tonight “, on February 16, economist Michaël Zemmour summed up in one sentence the inconsistencies of The executive around 1,200 euros of “minimum pension”, one of the flagship measures of the pension reform.

From the presidential campaign of Emmanuel Macron in the spring of 2022, to the chaotic debates in the National Assembly, in February, the executive multiplied approximations and contradictions, even inaccuracies, on this measure.

Illusion of a “minimum pension” at 1,200 euros, inaccurate amounts, blurring calculations of the number of beneficiaries … Return to the hiccups that punctuated government communication around these 1,200 euros which were to embody the “left leg” of the reform, social counterpart of a project asking the French to work longer.

full board or minimum pension, a vague measure from the presidential campaign

Emmanuel Macron has given up reforming the pension system during his first mandate because of the health crisis. But the President of the Republic made it the major project of his second five -year term. During the campaign, the president-candidate announced that the gradual postponement at 64 or 65 years of the legal departure age would be accompanied by a strong gesture for small pensions, with the implementation of a minimum pension of 1,100 euros for old as for new retirees.

But his own speaking contradicted. On April 21, 2022, he declared on France 2 that his “objective” was “to be able to set up pensions to 1,100 euros for a minimum full board” – in fact excluding all the retirees who are not at full rate. But the nuance disappeared in his profession of faith sent to all French people before the second round of the presidential election, where the candidate suggested that all retirees would benefit from a floor retirement at 1,100 euros, a full career or not.

1,200 euros, net or gross?

re -elected, Emmanuel Macron pushed for the reform to be carried out quickly. With an evolution in passing: the campaign commitment had increased from 1,100 to 1,200 euros to take into account inflation, since the commitment was to reach 85 % of the minimum wage (which was revalued).

But an interrogation remains: do we talk about 1,200 euros net or gross? At first, Franck Riester advances the first hypothesis:

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