MEPs vote for leaving for death of child

The provision adopted Thursday evening by the National Assembly plans to include in the Labor Code twelve days of minimum leave, instead of five currently, for parents who undergo the loss of a child.


Far from the controversies that had shaken the National Assembly three years ago on the subject, the deputies voted unanimously, Thursday, March 2 in the evening, in favor of an extension of the minimum leave for the death of ‘A child, bringing him five to twelve days in the Labor Code.

An amendment to the La France Insoumise group (LFI) was adopted in this sense, as part of the examination of a bill of the Horizons group which aims to improve the support of families of seriously sick children . The deputy (LFI) of Ille-et-Vilaine Frédéric Mathieu defended this extension, necessary to “perform administrative procedures” and “material” around a death. “No day off will ever replace the loss of a child,” he also stressed.

The Labor Code currently provides five days for the death of a child, or seven working days if they are under 25 years of age. For the death of a child under the age of 25, was added in 2020 a “parental mourning leave” of an additional eight, fractionable, partly supported by Social Security.

The initial rejection by the National Assembly, three years ago, an extension of the leave in the Labor Code, which was proposed by the deputy of North Guy Bricout (at the time UDI group and independent groups) , had aroused a wave of indignation, and the Minister of Labor at the time, Muriel Pénicaud, had found herself on the hot seat. 2>

The leave after announcement of the handicap of a child so elongated

The deputies avoided, Thursday evening, to reproduce such an episode, but the rapporteur Paul Christophe (Horizons, North) said he was “quite embarrassed” that this amendment intervenes as part of a text aimed at “protecting Parents of a living child “. Rather, he invited, but in vain, to take stock of the 2020 provision. The Minister of Solidarity, Jean-Christophe Combe, stressed that “we can only agree on this subject” of leave for mourning, and gave it to the “wisdom” of the National Assembly.

Examined at first reading, the bill on “the protection of families of children with illness or disability, or victims of an accident of particular gravity” was also adopted at Unanimity and must now go to the Senate, thus supplemented. It plans to wear the duration of two to five days for the parents of the leave for the announcement of the occurrence of a handicap or a chronic pathology of a child.

The text also plans to prohibit the dismissal of any employee parent concerned, to facilitate access to the telework or to maintain in the accommodation, under conditions, in the event of a lease renewal.

The deputies of the national rally caused a large reprobation by presenting amendments in order to reserve certain measures for parents, of which at least one is of French nationality. Mr. Combe denounced “unlimited inhumanity”.

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