CISA: Royal Mounting Program extortes to $ 11 million from victims

Cybersecurity and Security Agency of the US infrastructure (CISA) stated that CyberPreeters used Variant of the Royal Mounting Program for attacks for more than 100 American and international organizations.

Once inside the target system, hackers turn off antivirus software and steal large volumes of data, and then deploy the Royal Mrown Program. The CIA believes that the malicious in Royal is created on the basis of the malicious Zeon associated with the Conti syndicate.

Royal hackers demanded a ransom of $ 1 million to $ 11 million in bitcoins. It is noteworthy that cybercriminals did not indicate the amount of ransom and instructions for payment in a note on the redemption. Instead, cybercriminals demanded that the victims interact with them directly.

December 1, 2022, Royal took responsibility for the cyberataku on the Intrado telecommunication company. According to experts, the attackers demanded $ 60 million. Box.

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