Black tide in Philippines blocks thousands of fishermen on dock

The Filipino Coasts are always looking for the Tanker “Princess Empress”, which has flowed after an engine concern.

Mo12345lemonde with AFP

The Philippine Authorities ordered thousands of fishermen to stay on Friday, March 3 because of a dark tide that is difficult to circumscribe after the sinking of a tanker earlier this week. The puddle of oil covers 120 kilometers about nine kilometers from the coast of Mindoro Island, south of the capital, Manila, explained Ram Temena, a disasters management of the province of Eastern Mindoro, in The country center-west.

The Philippin Coast Guard is still looking for the Princess Empress, which has flowed into a sea dismantled Tuesday off the town of Naujan, after having a concern for engine. Another ship resumed the twenty members of the crew. 2> a cargo of 800,000 liters of fuel oil 2>

The governor of the province, Humelito Dolor, said that the situation was “getting worse”. He ordered the 18,000 local fishermen recorded to stay at the quay until it is no longer dangerous to catch fish. While waiting to be authorized again to sin, they will receive packages of food. “It will have a big impact on us,” said Mr. Dolor, fearing negative effects of “long term”.

The Tanker transported 800,000 liters of fuel oil from the Batan province, near Manila, to the central province of Iloilo. The diesel fuel that propelled the boat and part of the cargo spilled into the sea, the coast guard said earlier, fueling concerns around the rich underwater life of the region and the industries that depend on activities maritime. The quantity of diesel and fuel oil rejected in the water is not known.

unusable floating dams

The spokesperson for Armando Balilo coast guard explained to the local media that the agitated sea had prevented the deployment of floating dams intended to prevent the progression of the toxic tablecloth. Chemicals were used instead to decompose it.

The mayor of the city of Pola, Jennifer Cruz, reported that died fish soiled with petroleum had failed on the shore of his municipality, which is just south of Naujan. “Our entire coast was affected by the oil spill,” she said. According to her, coast guard and volunteers are cleaning the beach, some of which are bare, and have filled several barrels of the toxic product.

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