After murderous train accident in Greece, police searched Larissa station

Justice wants to understand how a passenger train could be authorized to take the same path as a convoy of goods, with which he entered frontal collision, killing at least fifty-seven people.


The Greek police searched Larissa station on Friday, March 3 in the morning, as part of the investigation concerning the causes of the deadly collision between two trains that occurred on Tuesday evening. Investigators seized “all documents” potentially useful, said a police spokesman at the France-Presse Agency (AFP). The railway accident, which left at least fifty-seven dead according to the police, is attributed to an error of the station manager of this city in the center of the country, the locality closest to the place of the collision.

A judicial source explained to AFP that the current investigation aims “also to initiate criminal proceedings, if necessary, against members of the company’s management” Hellenic Train, the company of railways Greeks, ownership of the Italian public company Ferrovie Dello Stato Italiane (FS). She said that “audio files, documents and other evidence that could help clarify the case and allocate criminal responsibilities have been seized”.

Justice wants to understand how a train carrying 342 passengers and ten railway workers could be authorized to take the same path as a convoy of goods, before entering the frontal collision with him. The government made its mea culpa on Thursday regarding the “chronic” failures of the rail network which led to the tragedy, one of the most serious that Greece knew.

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