Five “nineties” films to introduce her children to

These feature films held the top of the poster when you were young, nourishing references common to your generation, revealing actors who then pierced. It is time for your toddlers to settle in the family sofa and embark on this culture-temporal trip.

by Audrey Fournier

I’m talking to you about a time that those under 30 cannot know, the one where the films lasted almost all less than two hours and appreciated in VF in the shopping center on Saturday afternoon. Welcome to the 1990s, this decade during which today’s Darons shaped their cinematographic tastes. The time of transmission having come, and because it is necessary to start somewhere, here are five consumer films to (re) discover with the children.

“Toy Story”: the first success of the studio Pixar

 ” Toy Story “, the original. The Ronald Grant Archive/PhotononStop

even if your kids already know Woody and Buzz L’Eclair, there is chances so that they did not see the first film in the saga saga by John Lasseter, released in 1995, who revealed to the public the capacities and ambitions of the Pixar studio (since bought by Disney). See or review Toy Story with the family is an opportunity to measure the path traveled in terms of synthetic animation between the 1990s and the big productions of today – even if, at the time, Toy Story was a ! Deliciously vintage, this first opus will surprise your children with its soft colors and the delicacy of its dialogues. Without violence or large light and sound effects, it offers a restful parenthesis to parents and children, from 5-6 years. For the 8 years and over, you can follow with Toy Story 2, released in 1999, a second degree jewel whose jokes are addressed as much to kids as their parents.

“Men in black “: The action film for teens

 the duo Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith in the duo Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith in “Men in Black”. Mary Evans/Aurimages

For little hard people who are already taking themselves for adults, Men in Black is an excellent introduction to action and science fiction film. Fanciful and full of gags which should derive any kid, Barry Sonnenfeld’s film, released in 1997, surprisingly aged, with his panel of bizarre intergalactic creatures and his Hollywood actors who take pleasure in falling back into childhood. Teens may recognize the young Will Smith and have fun with the improbable and transgenerational duo he forms with the veteran Tommy Lee Jones. Be careful however, the risk that the kids then demand the adoption of a pug is not negligible.

“Hook or the revenge of the Captain Crochet”: Robin Williams, unforgettable Peter Pan

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