American lawyer Alex Murdaugh sentenced to life prison for murder of his wife and son

The United States has been passionate for weeks for this affair which has already been the subject of podcasts and documentaries, including one broadcast on Netflix.

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After six weeks of audiences followed with greed in all the United States, American lawyer Alex Murdaugh, 54, was sentenced on Friday March 3, to two life prison terms which will apply the One after the other for the murder in 2021 of his wife and son, after a trial which revealed the extent of the forfeiture of this heir to a large family of South Carolina.

Before pronouncing the sentence, judge Clifton Newman spoke for a long time to Alex Murdaugh in a posed tone which was all the more cooking, saying his misunderstanding in the face of the “duplicity” and the lies of the lawyer . The latter, handcuffed and dressed in a detainee beige uniform, has further proclaimed his innocence. Her son Buster was in the room. “I respect this court, but I am innocent. I would never harm my wife Maggie and (…) to my son,” he assured.

Thursday, jurors in the Walterboro court, South Carolina, only needed just under three hours to make their verdict. “The evidence of guilt is overwhelming,” commented the judge to read the verdict.

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According to the accusation, Alex Murdaugh shot down with two distinct rifles his wife Maggie, 52, and their younger son Paul, 22, on June 7, 2021 in the county of Collecton in South Carolina, near the Chenil de Their huge property, baptized Moselle, where men liked to hunt the wild pig. The jurors went there on Wednesday to better understand the layout of the premises.

According to the accusation, in June 2021, several people had started asking questions. First of all because his son Paul had, when he drunk a boat in 2019 drunk, killed one of his friends. Approaching the trial, justice sought to know the state of the father’s finances to find out if he could pay any damages. Then, because the financial manager of his law firm had identified anomalies in his files. On the morning of the murder, she asked him for explanations. He was accused of having stolen sums to his friends and even to the son of his cleaning lady.

“All the illusion of his life was going to collapse, he could not bear it,” assured the prosecutor Creighton Waters. For him, Alex Murdaugh killed his relatives in order to buy time, before trying to end his life in a new scam. At the beginning of September, he asked an accomplice to shoot him so that his surviving son touched $ 10 million in life insurance. The ball had just touched him.

If he recognized these flights, intended according to him to feed an costly addiction to opiates and to compensate for bad investments, he never admitted the double murder.

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The case fascinated in the United States, where all the media dissected the life of this opulent family. Coming from a long line of very influential judges and prosecutors locally, Alex Murdaugh knows the world of courts well. For his trial, it was also necessary to win the painting of his grandfather, which has long sat in the court of Walterboro.

Several podcasts have already been devoted to the case and a documentary, MURDAUGH MURDERS: a southern scandal , appears in the most watched programs on Netflix, with 40 million hours viewed in the United States last week.

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Throughout the trial, the news channels have broadcast live the parade of colleagues and blurred friends, which told how Alex Murdaugh had stolen millions of dollars for years without them realizing it.

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