Roskomnadzor set deadline for implementation of Antifrod system

Roskomnadzor will give operators 224 days to connect calls from the Antifrod’s substitution numbers after receiving a notification. This was announced by the director of the Center for Monitoring and Management of the Communications Network of General Use Sergey Khutorstsev.

According to the Khutorski, the renections of verification in all regions will be installed during the year.

“As soon as they are installed in a particular region, the operators will be sent notifications. Operators are given to the operators to connect to the node after receiving the notification,” he said at a press conference in Moscow.

During this time, operators will need to rebuild their system, provide a secure data transfer channel and install special software, Khutorstsev explained. He also noted that the system will be able to verify numbers for 500 milliseconds.

It is assumed that Antifrod will fully work until March 2024, all Russian communications operators should connect to it. The Antifrod platform was created to combat telephone fraud by blocking calls and SMS messages from substitution numbers.

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