Biden accommodated data of credit cards of 2 million people from around world

BIDENCASH Darknet MARKET, selling credit card data and information about their owners, posted to open access to more than 2 million valid credit cards as part of an advertising campaign dedicated to the anniversary of its creation. It is worth noting that the site was created at the end of April 2022, but the data was posted on February 28, 2023.

The leakage of data annoying contains information about maps from around the world, and a significant number of them were issued in the USA, China, Mexico, India, Canada and Great Britain.

Data size 260 MB includes:

  • Complete names of cards holders;
  • card numbers;
  • bank details;
  • date of expiration of validity;
  • CVV codes ;
  • Home addresses;
  • more than 500,000 email addresses.

The authorities are investigating the incident, and the victim card holders are recommended to monitor their accounts and report any suspicious actions to their banks.

This is not the first action of the site. On June 16, 2022, Bidencash administrators to promote their platform decided to distribute the CSV file containing 8 million data lines with information about 6,600 credit cards, as well as 3 million email addresses.

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