Russia: drawing of child against war in Ukraine can lead his parents to police station

In the Toula region, a 13 -year -old father and daughter are the subject of repeated arrests. Their case is not isolated. Some school directors themselves call the police.

by Benoît Vitkine (Moscow, correspondent)

This Wednesday, 1 Mars, Alexei Moskalev had to speak with MO12345lemonde – from a friend’s phone, for more discretion. The call did not take place: the 54 -year -old man was arrested at the end of the morning. The time for his pre -trial detention, the duration of which has not yet been set, his daughter Maria, 13, was placed at the Iefremov orphanage, a small town in the Toula region, south of Moscow, where The father and daughter live.

Since his misadventures started, almost a year ago, this is the scenario that Alexi Moskalev fears the most, as he still entrusted the defense organization a few days ago Human rights OVD-Info and the information site Spektr . Maria’s mother left when she was three years old; If there is a problem with the father, his management will be responsible for social services.

It all started in April 2022. At school number 9 in Iefremov, the Professor of Plastic Arts asks children to prepare support drawings for soldiers deployed in Ukraine. They all run, except Maria Moskaleva, aged at the time of 12 years. The teenager draws a mother and her daughter on whom Russian rockets fall, and a Ukrainian flag decorated with the slogan: “Glory to Ukraine”.

Immediately warned, the school director brought the police – which, questioned by Spektr and OVD -Info, she denies today. Maria manages to leave the class in confusion, giving a false name to the police officers who call. The teenager is terrorized. His father accompanies him to school the next day, and promises to wait until evening. He is arrested in front of the establishment and his daughter with him, extirpated from the course she attended.

At the police station, Alexei Moskalev is entitled to sermons on the education he gives to his daughter. His social networks are scrutinized, two tendentious publications discoveries: a caricature of Vladimir Putin and a post antigue, who proclaims: “Russian army. The rapists are among us.” The father is tried the same day, sentenced to 32,000 rubles fine (400 euros) for “army discreditation”. For this man who lives from the breeding of pets, the sum is anything but trivial.

The threat of the orphanage

The next day, return to school, but, this time, the FSB, the security services, comes to seek Maria and summons the father. New sermons, but also threats: if Alexei Moskalev does not make amends, Maria will be sent to the orphanage. A classic intimidation of security services and the police, especially against mothers. The agents suggest that the girl is involved in supporting the soldiers. Traumatized, she continues the crises of anxiety and panic, begs her father not to send her to school anymore.

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