When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wears dress inviting to “tax rich”

On September 13, 2021, the muse of the Democratic left had caused a sensation at the Met Gala, in New York, because of its outfit. An investigation revealed on Thursday that it only paid for certain services when the ethics committee of the United States Congress has looked into the case.

By Arnaud Leparmentier (New York, correspondent)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the muse of the American left Democrat, had caused a sensation by going to the Met Gala (Metropolitan Museum) on September 13, 2021, in New York. The slogan “Tax The Rich” (“Tax the rich”) was written on his superb white dress created by the stylist by Brother Vellies, Aurora James. A noticed nose in this legendary reception of Manhattan organized by the fashion pope of Anna Wintour, patron of Vogue (group Condé Nast), and where the whole American Gotha, provided you pay 35,000 dollars (32,865 euros ) its place.

“Tax The Rich”: “AOC” was very proud of his media blow. “The message is the medium,” she tweeted. To the point that she forgot … to pay her bills. The representative of New York at the Congress of the United States, which is in the movement of the Progressive Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders, is now in the crosshairs of the Congress Ethics Committee (Office of Congressional Ethics, OCE) for having accepted de facto illegally gifts that she only paid when the said committee, which is independent, has looked into the case.

The details of the survey were published Thursday, March 2. Among the services received, “AOC” benefited from the transport of her home at the Carlyle hotel, a luxury establishment where Woody Allen played jazz, a stone’s throw from the Met, to prepare; a carlyle room; a makeup and hairdressing service; A dress, shoes, jewelry and a handbag provided by Brother Vellies; and transport to the Met.

The hairdressing bill, an amount of $ 477.73, was sent to the “AOC” team on September 30, 2021. It was not paid until the hairdresser threatens, the February 23, 2022, to file a complaint the next day. Effective: on February 24, the note was set. Makeup cost $ 344.85, and was not paid until March 16, 2022, despite many reminders explaining that the bill was “extremely late”.

The question of “tax the Rich” hold of the representative is more complex, Aurora James and Brother Vellies having refused to collaborate in the investigation of the Congress Ethics Committee. What is certain is that the stylist sent a first bill of $ 2,283.93 (for the rental of the dress, handbag and the purchase of shoes) from September 19, 2021. September 20 , after discussion with the parliamentarian team, a new invoice, lowered to 990.76 dollars, is sent.

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