Bus accident in Isère: fourteen injured, including two seriously, on return from summer camp

The school transport car connected on Saturday morning the Hautes-Alpes to Grenoble station and transported 46 people, including six adults and 40 primary children.

Mo12345lemonde with AFP

A school transport accident made fourteen injured, including two adults in absolute emergency, Saturday March 4 in the body in Body (Isère), reported the department of department in a new assessment. The vehicle linked the Hautes-Alpes to Grenoble station, as part of a summer camp in the town of Sceaux (Hauts-de-Seine), and transported 46 people, including six adults and 40 primary children, according to the same source.

“The assessment of this accident is two adults classified in absolute emergency (the driver and an accompanying) as well as an adult and eleven children classified in relative emergency. All the victims were taken care of and is During the evacuation to hospitals adapted to the state of the victims “, according to the prefecture. A first official assessment reported four injured in “absolute emergency” including two children.

The accident that involved the only bus only occurred around 8:45 a.m. on the national 85, known as “Napoleon route”. “The re -reaches of children and their guides is being set up by the stay organizer” and in the meantime, the Corps town hall organized emergency accommodation, according to the prefecture.

The authorities dispatched 90 firefighters on site and deployed a departmental operational center to deal with the situation. “Motorists are asked to avoid the sector so as not to hinder help,” concluded the prefecture.

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