Hackers Congratulate Women with Unusual Bouquet in Tyumen

Hackers in Russian Regional Capital Celebrate Women’s Day with Phallic Images on Road Board

On March 8th, which is celebrated as International Women’s Day, hackers in the Russian regional capital found a unique way to congratulate women. They hacked the road board on Melnikayat Street and replaced the usual road signs with images of bouquets made with phalluses, which appeared on the screen. This unusual change caught the attention of the drivers who used to see the regular road signs displayed on the screen.

The city administration was quick to respond and explained that the display screen is currently disconnected due to a possible server hack. It is suspected that the hackers were able to infiltrate the manufacturer’s server to access the road board.

The incident has caused outrage amongst the locals, many of whom find the display of phallic images on a public screen disrespectful and inappropriate. The city administration has assured that an investigation into the incident is underway and the guilty parties will be held accountable for their actions.

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