Chinese Military Holds Fighter Drone Air Battle

Chinese Military Researchers Report Success in AI-Driven Drone Air Battle

Chinese military engineers have successfully conducted an experimental air battle between two fighter drones, one controlled by a human and the other by artificial intelligence (AI), according to a report by the South China Morning Post. The experiment demonstrated that at close range, AI was more effective in air combat than human control.

As the battle began, the human-controlled drone had the advantage, but the AI soon calculated the person’s actions and countered with a precise maneuver. The AI drone then hid in an ambush, waiting for the enemy to gain height again.

Despite attempts to find new tactics, the human pilot was unable to regain the initiative, and the test was ended after 90 seconds.

Chinese engineers said the next generation of these drones will be capable of adjusting and improving their capabilities in-flight with minimal ground support. This experiment demonstrates the growing role of AI in military technology, and the potential for it to outperform human operators in certain situations.

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