DRC: visiting Kinshasa, Emmanuel Macron calls for respect for peace plan in eastern country

Littlely awaited on the conflict in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the French head of state did not properly condemn Rwanda, refusing to any “climbing of the tribune” on this sensitive subject .

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His speaking was very scrutinized. Emmanuel Macron, visiting Kinshasa on Saturday March 4, did not clearly condemn Rwanda, but launched from farms warned in Kigali. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) accuses Rwanda of supporting the rebellious group M23, against which it fights in the east of the country. Kigali, however, denies any support for this group.

The President of the Republic, who was expressed alongside his Congolese counterpart, Félix Tshisekedi, however refused to “climbing the tribune” on this sensitive subject. The former Zaire is not a former French colony, but the perception of the support of Paris in neighboring Rwanda is watched closely by Kinshasa, where demonstrations hostile to France have taken place in recent days.

On the humanitarian level, Emmanuel Macron announced during this press conference the release of 34 million euros to help the populations affected by the consequences of the rebellion, which are added to an envelope of 47 million of the European Union. The European Commission, for its part, announced the establishment of a “humanitarian air bridge” towards Goma.

“The DRC should not be a boot of war”

“France has constantly condemned M23,” said Macron about the rebels present in the east of the DRC. “May everyone take their responsibilities, including Rwanda,” he added. The French president insisted on respect for the current plan aimed at putting an end to violence in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, affirming that sanctions would be taken against those who do not respect him: “Those who will obstruct the Peace plan (…) know what they are exposed to, including sanctions. “

“What we expect from Rwanda and others [actors] is to get involved and respect the meetings they give themselves under the supervision of the mediators, and if they [the] Do not respect, so yes, there can be sanctions, I say it very clearly, “said Emmanuel Macron.

The French head of state issued the wish that the cease-fire expected for next Tuesday as part of the process engaged under the aegis of Angola, where he went on Friday, be respected . “The Democratic Republic of Congo should not be a boot of war. The open air looting of the Democratic Republic of Congo must cease: neither looting, nor balkanization, nor war,” he said, repeating the support of France to “territorial integrity and [to] sovereignty” of the country.

“I remain skeptical about the good faith of those who attacked us,” said the president of the DRC, Félix Tshisekedi. And to add: “The question is whether Rwanda can do without this systematic looting of the DRC which dates from twenty years. If this is the case, this will be verified through this process. “

m. Macron for the establishment of a commission of historians

France and Rwanda approached after Emmanuel Macron recognized in 2021 the responsibilities of France in the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994, but the French president has always denied promoting Kigali. Emmanuel Macron also joined the DRC, the United Nations and other countries to denounce the support provided by Rwanda to the M23 group.

Asked about the role of France in the recent history of this region of the world, Emmanuel Macron said he was in favor of the establishment of a commission of historians “which can assign the responsibilities of some and others “. “I am for the truth, the whole truth, I am not to take all the burdens,” he said.


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“since 1994, you have not been able to restore sovereignty (…). Do not look for responsibilities outside, “he said, inviting Kinshasa to ensure that the atrocities responsible are translated to justice.

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