Russians were named a way to get rid of telephone advertising

Information security expert Vitaly Vekhov called the Russians a way to get rid of telephone advertising of banking, medical and other services. In his opinion, this can be done only by blocking numbers. Radio Sputnik reports this.

Vekhov noted that using the smartphone’s function to create a list of “black” numbers and e-mail addresses is currently the only technical way of protection. In addition, in the future, a legal method may be added to it, implying a written refusal of a citizen to receive such calls. The corresponding bill on amendments to the Law “On Advertising” is now in the State Duma .

Earlier, the expert of the “Digital Citizen” project Timur Aimaletdinov listed to the Russians the ways of protecting them from calls from telephone scammers. In particular, he recommends using point blocking of numbers. However, this method may not work, because attackers use IP telephony and change numbers frequently.