Russians were not found among passengers of plane crashed in Indonesia

There were no Russians on board the Sriwijaya Air passenger plane that crashed into the sea north of Jakarta. This was reported on Saturday, January 9, by Interfax citing the Russian Embassy in Indonesia.

After the appearance of information about the crash of the aircraft, Russian diplomats made an official request to the National Agency for Search and Rescue of Indonesia regarding the presence of Russian citizens on board. “According to the preliminary information received, there were no compatriots on board the aircraft,” the message says.

Earlier on Saturday, the Indonesian authorities confirmed a passenger crash Boeing 737-500 en route from Jakarta to Pontianak, the administrative center of West Kalimantan province. The incident occurred near the island of Male, there is no information about the reasons for the incident yet.

As stated by the head of Ministry of Transport of Indonesia, that there were 65 man. Meanwhile, the media also mention other figures. For example, China Central Television writes about 59 passengers.

According to FlightRadar, the Boeing 737-500 made its maiden flight in May 1994. This is an older model of the plane than the one that crashed off Jakarta in late 2018. Then, as a result of the crash of the Lion Air Boeing 737, 189 people were killed, there were no survivors.