Russian doctor called products harmful for coronavirus

Therapist, nutritionist and candidate of medical sciences Yekaterina Burlyaeva named products that are not recommended for those infected with coronavirus. Her words are quoted by ” Rossiyskaya Gazeta “.

According to the expert, none of the food products themselves can provoke COVID-19 disease. “This is not a one-time influence, but a complex of wrong habits leading to diseases that will ultimately affect the course and incidence of COVID-19,” Burlyaeva emphasized.

Moreover, the doctor noted that for people in quarantine or self-isolation Rospotrebnadzor a > and the Federal Research Center of Nutrition and Biotechnology have developed an appropriate diet. According to him, during a pandemic, the intake of salt and sugar, as well as saturated and trans isomers of fatty acids, should be limited. In addition, it is necessary to reduce the amount of flour products, bread and bakery products, carbonated and juice drinks. The list of unhealthy foods also includes sausages, hot dogs, delicacies, high-fat meats, cheeses with over 30 percent fat, chips, mayonnaise and fast food.

In November, therapist Philip Kuzmenko urged patients with coronavirus to limit the amount of salted food as well as alcohol. According to him, maintaining the correct water-salt balance in the body is a mandatory part of the treatment of patients with COVID-19.