Pregnant bride of a Russian billionaire starred in a revealing outfit on a yacht

Bride of a Russian businessman and billionaire Alexander Lebedev Elena Perminova shared a photo in a revealing outfit. The post appeared on her page at Instagram .

34-year-old pregnant model posed sideways to the camera in swimming trunks and a translucent dress through which the chest is visible. The image of Perminova was complemented by small hoop earrings. She was filmed aboard a luxury yacht against the backdrop of sunset. “This time, I enjoy pregnancy literally every second. Who knows, maybe it is the last for me,” she signed the post, which received more than 60 thousand likes.

Netizens appreciated the celebrity’s appearance. “Lena, what a clever you are … Pregnancy suits you”, “Goddess”, “How beautiful!”, “Wonderful picture! Good luck!”, “Mermaid”, – they expressed in the comments.

In December, Perminova starred on the beach in a lilac and pink one-piece swimsuit Panama. It is known that the model is resting on the island of Bali with her family.

The couple are already raising three children: two sons, Yegor and Nikita, and a daughter, Arina. The 61-year-old entrepreneur made an offer to Perminova in January 2020 after 15 years of relationship.