Woman’s face has grown hair due to smoking abuse

The face of a smoker from the Australian city of Melbourne, Victoria, covered with hair. The Daily Mail reports.

A 51-year-old woman consulted a dermatologist after her face, neck and upper body were covered with fine hair – the so-called lanugo . After the appearance of hair, she was haunted by constant tiredness, she began to cough and began to lose weight.

During the examination, the patient was diagnosed with a 12 mm adenocarcinoma located in the right lung. A malignant tumor could appear as a result of nicotine abuse: the woman smoked for 37 years.

The patient underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy, followed by a course of a drug intended to fight lung cancer. Two months after starting treatment, hair growth slowed down, weight loss was resolved and cough disappeared.

The case was described in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the US city of St. Paul, Minnesota , gave birth to a child whose arms, legs, back and shoulders were covered with black hair, and a beard was outlined on his face. The nurses explained to the boy’s parents that the fluffy hairs are called lanugo and will fall out while bathing.