Russia introduced a new fine for motorists

In Russia, on January 10, a new fine for motorists came into force, now unpaid travel on toll roads has become punishable reports ” Rossiyskaya Gazeta “.

Violations will be recorded by automatic photofixation systems. The fine for a violation for drivers of cars will be 1,500 rubles, for owners of trucks and buses – 5,000 rubles.

Corresponding amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses were introduced to make the barrier-free fare payment system installed on the Central Ring Road, where barriers are not installed, and fares are debited automatically. However, violators will be fined not only for driving without payment on the Central Ring Road, but also on other toll roads.

The driver will be fined if he does not pay the fare within five days after fixing. But if the motorist pays for it within 20 days from the receipt of the order, then the fine will be canceled. If the driver does not do this, then he will have ten days to appeal the fine and 60 days to pay it. At the same time, payment of the fine does not cancel the obligation to pay for the toll road itself.

Previously, Russian drivers were listed new fines and restrictions introduced in 2021 … So, for dangerous driving, Russians can be fined five thousand rubles. In addition, drivers who have re-driven intoxicated drivers can pick up their cars. At the same time, a fine in the amount of 30 thousand rubles is being written out for drunk driving and deprived of rights for up to two years. If the driver got behind the wheel again and this led to an accident with the injured, the offender will face a criminal article.