Russians revealed a way to restore regime after holidays

The somnologist revealed to the Russians how to restore the regime after the New Year holidays. The expert’s words are quoted by agency “Moscow” .

Associate Professor of the Department of Nervous Diseases and Neurosurgery of the First Moscow State Medical University (MGMU) named after Sechenov, as well as the head of the Sleep Medicine Department of the Clinic of Nervous Diseases named after Kozhevnikov of the University Clinical Hospital No. 3 Mikhail Poluektov noted that there are no verified recommendations on this issue. However, he advised “to suffer one night before the working day – that is, sleep less”, because the next day you will want to go to bed early. According to the somnologist, the body adapts well to the new regime even as a result of one night of limited sleep.

He also emphasized that people are used to not getting enough sleep on weekdays, so the missing hours of sleep can be “slept” next weekend.

Earlier in January, experts told about ways to restore the body after the holidays. According to neuropsychologist Yulia Punina, it is necessary to allow the body to return to its previous biological rhythms. In turn, candidate of psychological sciences Vadim Myamlin called the mono-diet an excellent method to relieve the body after the holidays.