14-year-old daughter of a Russian director showed a photo in a bikini and surprised fans

The daughter of a Russian clip-maker Pavel Khudyakov Tonya showed a beach photo taken during the holidays, and surprised the fans. The corresponding frame appeared in her Instagram -account.

The 14-year-old athlete starred with her hair loose in a red bikini against the backdrop of the sea. Her image was complemented by a small pendant. The publication received almost 40 thousand likes.

Subscribers of the director’s daughter appreciated the girl’s appearance and noted that she looks older than her age. “Are you sure 14?”, “Too beautiful”, “I can’t believe that the photo is a 14 year old child, and not an adult girl”, “How many hearts will you break! Beauty and clever girl!”, “Don’t know, the beauty has grown up”, – they wrote in the comments.

In December, Tonya Khudyakova also shared beach shots. She was filmed in a bright blue bathing suit against the backdrop of the sea. Woven necklaces and bracelets complemented her look. According to the geolocation mark, she was located in the beach resort of Amanyara, located on the coast of the Caribbean island of Providenciales.