British Queen vaccinated against COVID-19

Queen of Britain Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip were vaccinated against COVID -19, reports BBC News.

Vaccination took place on Saturday, January 9, at Windsor Castle. The procedure was performed by a doctor of the royal family. Information about this was spread by the decision of the queen herself, who hoped in this way to avoid unnecessary speculation.

Approximately 1.5 million people in the UK have already received at least one injection of COVID-19 vaccine (two injections are required to develop immunity). Elderly Britons over 80, among others, have received priority access to vaccinations. 94-year-old Elizabeth and 99-year-old Philip belong to this population group.

In March 2020, COVID-19 got sick Queen’s eldest son Prince Charles and his wife Camilla. In April 2020, the disease suffered and the grandson of the queen Prince William , but this has not been officially announced. After the outbreak of the pandemic, Elizabeth II did not appear in public for almost the whole year and for the first time in many years decided to spend the winter at Windsor Castle, abandoning the traditional trip to Sandringham.

According to the latest data, by January 9, 3 million cases of infection with the new coronavirus infection were detected in the UK. In total, 79.8 thousand residents of the country died from COVID-19.