Russian-speaking woman detained at Capitol was released

The court of the American capital released the 54-year-old native of Moldova Yevgenia Malimon and her daughter Christina, who were detained at the Capitol. This was reported by RIA Novosti citing local media.

The women were released, banned from entering Washington.

Malimon was arrested along with her daughter Christina for violating curfews and illegal entry. In court, the woman asked to provide her with an interpreter from the Russian language. Later, the Russian embassy said that there were no Russians among those detained in Washington.

Formerly elected US President Joe Biden called the protesters who burst into the Capitol building as terrorists. “They need to be treated as a group of thugs, insurgents, white supremacists, anti-Semites,” he added.

On January 6, a rally of supporters of the current US President Donald Trump who do not recognize the results The November vote, which elected Democrat Joe Biden as president, ended with the storming of the Capitol building and clashes with the police. Five people died, dozens were detained.