Trump’s son said about mockery of whole world over United States after blocking his father on Twitter

After the blocking of the current US President’s Twitter account Donald Trump the whole world laughs over America. The president’s son Donald Trump Jr said on his page on the social network.

“The world is laughing at America, and Mao, Lenin and Stalin are smiling. Are big tech companies able to censor the president? Free speech is dead and controlled by powerful leftists,” he wrote.

The son of the American leader also posted a link to his website in case the administration of the social network decides to block his account.

Earlier it was reported that Trump’s campaign headquarters published on Twitter the logo of the social network with Soviet symbols. After that, @teamtrump’s account was blocked.

January 9 Twitter indefinitely blocked Trump’s account. According to the statement of the social network, the account of the head of state @realDonaldTrump was permanently frozen due to “the risk of further incitement to violence.” In addition, the Twitter leadership promised to block the account of any user who gave the floor to the US President.

Trump later got in touch via the presidential account, stating that ” Twitter won’t silence him. ” He promised to create his own platform for communication with his supporters. After a few minutes, this message was also deleted.