United States: video of fatal arrest of Tyre Nichols relaunches debate on police violence

In the evening of January 7, this 29-year-old African-American was tobacco by Memphis police after being arrested for a road offense. He died three days later. The images of his beating were made public on Friday evening.

by Piotr smolar (Washington, correspondent)

“Mom, mom …” Tyre Nichols called her mother at the rescue, in a desperate and acute groan. This 29-year-old African-American father was bewildered with fiercely by Memphis police (Tennessee), on the evening of January 7, when he returned home by car. He died three days later in the hospital, after his injuries.

Friday, January 27, local authorities published a long assembly of several video sequences showing the arrest in its quasi-integrality , broadcasting a shock wave in the city and mobilizing all the national channels.

Two separate incidents took place, documented both by a pedestrian camera carried by a police officer and by video surveillance images. During the first, Tyre Nichols underwent an attempt to immobilize botched after being extracted from his vehicle, without resistance, with a total disproportion of violent and many invective gestures. “I just want to go home …” frightened, he managed to escape on foot.

It was found in a second location, a deserted street, around 8:30 p.m. held first by two police officers, the victim was sprayed with tear gas, suffered kicks and fists, Then telescopic baton. He was noted to be struck in the head. Then Tyre Nichols remained handcuffed to the ground, in the elongated position, dragged on the ground to a car. The minutes paraded. Almost as shocking as violence is the indifference of the police to the victim in distress, his dehumanization, who seizes.

impunity of certain police services

Although released, the five black police officers in question were dismissed and charged with chiefs of extreme gravity: in particular murder, aggression with aggravating circumstances and kidnapping. “They are all responsible,” said local prosecutor Steve Mulroy, even if their specific role in smoking has varied. “Where was their humanity? They beat my son like a piñata”, said his mother grieved on the CNN chain, in reference to the object Decorated full of candies and toys that are bursting with a stick in the Mexican tradition. Tyre Nichols did a lot of skateboarding and loved photography.

The authorities decided to broadcast the video until Friday evening at 7 p.m., creating a sort of dismal counting on the info channels. The chief of the municipal police, Cerelyn Davis, explained that at the start of the evening, the businesses would be closed and the children back home, safe. That is to say pessimism that reigned concerning the impact of astounding images. These also justified the speed of sanctions against the culprits, which belonged to a Scorpion team, an acronym designating units responsible for daily delinquency.

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