Week plunging Peru into political chaos

Video after trying to dissolve the Parliament, the former Peruvian president Pedro Castillo was removed from his functions. The demonstrations that followed left at least seven deaths.

by video service of the world (with reuters)

In one week, the Peruvian political situation has changed. Protests left at least seven dead in the country since the dismissal of former President Pedro Castillo on December 7. The demonstrators claim new elections and the resignation of the acting president, Dina Boluarte. Tuesday December 13 in the morning, many roads were blocked in thirteen of the twenty-four regions, according to a police assessment.

On December 7, the 53 -year -old left -wing president had ordered the dissolution of the Parliament but had not been followed by the army or the parliamentarians. Shortly after, the Congress voted by a large majority in favor of its dismissal for “moral incapacity”.

m. Castillo then went to the Mexican embassy to ask for political asylum. On the way, he was arrested by his bodyguard. He has been detained for “rebellion”. The vice-president, Dina Boluarte, was elected acting president by the congress.

During the hearing of appeal of his arrest broadcast on December 13 on television, the dismissal president launched: “I will never give up. (…) I am detained unjustly and arbitrary. I am neither A thief, a rapist, a corrupt, nor a thug. “

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