Joe Biden does not “know what there is in documents” found in one of his former workplaces

A “small number of confidential classified documents” was found in a “key closed closet” by Penn Biden Center, a circle of reflection linked to the University of Pennsylvania. These elements date from the Obama era, when Biden was vice-president.

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The President of the United States Joe Biden said, Tuesday, January 10, that he was unaware of the content of confidential documents dating from his vice-presidency under Barack Obama (2009-2017) found in one of the offices that He sometimes used as a workplace.

“I was warned of this discovery and I was surprised to learn that documents related to the government had been swept through this office. But I don’t know what’s in the documents “Said the American president on the press on the sidelines of a summit with the Mexican President and the Prime Minister of Canada in Mexico City.

The documents were found “when my lawyers cleaned my office at the University of Pennsylvania,” said Joe Biden. As soon as the lawyers found that some were confidential, “they did what they had to do, they called the archives” to give them back, according to the president.

His lawyers “will cooperate fully” on the examination of these documents, he assured, hoping that this examination ends “soon”. This “small number of documents classified confidential” was found in a “key closed closet” at the Penn Biden Center, a circle of reflection linked to the University of Pennsylvania, said on Monday the president’s legal adviser, Richard Sauber.

Donald Trump calls for searches

“The documents had not been the subject of any request or previous request” and, since their delivery to the archives, the lawyers of Joe Biden continued to cooperate in order to “ensure that the archives are Well in possession of any archive of the Obama-Biden administration, “he added.

The letter from James Comer, President of the House of Representatives’ Control Committee, in the National Archives. The Republican requests clarification concerning communications between the archives and the team of Joe Biden. Jon Elswick/Ap

The FBI had led in August a spectacular search of the residence of Donald Trump in Florida in order to recover thousands of documents, including a hundred classified Secret-Defense, carried away By the ex-president after his departure from the White House and that he had hitherto refused to return to the archives.

According to press information, these confidential documents seized with his Mar-A-Lago club contained in particular sensitive information on China and Iran, as well as nuclear secrets.

“When will the FBI sequisition the many residences of Joe Biden, or even the White House?”, Reacted Donald Trump in a press release .

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