Pegasus, Israel and massacre of Mexican students

exposure ” Top Secret “, devoted by the Cinémathèque française to espionage films until May 21, ends with a presentation where reality exceeds fiction in many ways. These are three videos produced by the Forensic Architecture Research Group , With the support of the NGO Amnesty International and the Citizen Lab platform, on the use of PEGASUS spy software, among other things against journalists and human rights.

One of these videos deals with the case of Mexico, and more precisely the “disappearance” of forty-three students, in the southwest of the country, in September 2014. It is indeed proven that former judge Tomas Zeron, whose The role had already been essential in the acquisition of Pegasus by the Mexican authorities, did everything to sabotage the investigation into this mass crime, the software targeting families and defenders of the victims to better spy them. Despite an international arrest warrant, Mr. Zeron was able to find refuge in Israel, whose government refuses to extradite it to Mexico.

target the victims rather than the culprits

MO12345LEMONDE was associated with fifteen other editorial offices as part of the “PEGASUS project”, a vast survey on the use of this software developed and marketed by the Israeli company NSO. It turns out that “Mexico was the first country in the world to buy the Pegasus software”, in 2011, becoming “a kind of laboratory for this spy technology”.

The first two official NSO customers in Mexico have been two intelligence agencies, operating out of any judicial control. But the acquisition of Pegasus by the Office of the Public Prosecutor of the Republic, Jesus Murillo Karam, trivialized the use of this software, with some 15,000 spying people from 2014 to 2017. The key man in this judicialization of Pegasus is Mr. Zeron, appointed in 2013 by Mr. Murillo Karam at the head of the brand new Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC).

In September 2014, forty-three students from the Ayotzinapa Normal School, who left for a bus demonstrate in Mexico City, “disappear” after being attacked by local police. Mr. Zeron is responsible, in the name of AIC, to shed light on this drama which arouses immense emotion in Mexico. He claims that crooked police officers would have delivered the students to a band of drug traffickers who, taking them for members of a rival cartel, would have massacred them, before cremating their body in a municipal landfill. This is the official version of this carnage, which Mr. Zeron repeats under the name of “historical truth”.

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