A former icon of drug trafficking in Mexico claims royalties in Netflix

Sandra Avila accuses the abusive platform of use of her image in “The South Queen”, relaunching the debate on the narco-series in a Mexico bruised by the Cartel War.


Sandra Avila, a former Mexican narcotrafic icon, spent eight years in prison in Mexico and the United States, and she is now accusing Netflix of abusive use of her image in a series. The South Queen is a hit on the streaming platform by telling the mafia ascent of a young and beautiful Mexican until you take the reins of an international drug cartel. At 62, M Me Avila embarks on a battle, legal and media at the same time, which relaunches the debate on the narco-series in a country bruised by the Cartel War.

The case began this summer, when the lawyer for M me avila, Israel Razo Reyes, revealed that his client had initiated an “administrative procedure” with the Mexican Institute of Protection of industrial property (Impi). In an interview granted on August 28 to the Mexican channel Milenio TV, Mr. Razo Reyes announced his intention to “file a civilian complaint”, after the opinion of the impi: “The image of my client is directly assigned (…) By being presented as a drug trafficker. “According to him, the” compensation “could rise” up to 40 % of the profits “generated by the series, produced and broadcast in 2011, in a first version, by Telemundo.

The Spanish -speaking American channel is also targeted. During the launch, in 2019, of the second season of the South Queen, Telemundo would have broadcast images of the arrest of Sandra Avila, twelve years earlier in Mexico City, and his extradition in the United States in 2012. A amalgam Between the real life of that which the Mexicans call “the Queen of the Pacific” and the adventures of Teresa Mendoza, the heroine of the series played by the Mexican actress Kate Del Castillo. Originally, the South Queen is taken from the eponymous bestseller (Editions du Seuil, 2003, 575 pages) of the Spanish writer Arturo Pérez-Reverte, who denied having inspired himself from the life of M Me avila.

financial operator of the SINALOA cartel

Unlike the heroine of the series, the sixty -something man has never taken the lead of the Sinaloa cartel, the most powerful in Mexico. But she was one of the financial operators. This big black eyes seductress is the niece of Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, alias “El Padrino” (the godfather), the great Mexican drug baron in the 1980s. His beauty and his mafia reputation inspired many narcocorridos, songs the glory of drug traffickers.

Justice has never managed to prove its involvement in the management of one of the main roads of cocaine from Colombia thanks to the help of his partner, Juan Diego Espinosa, Colombian drug trafficker, arrested like her February 28, 2007. She was sentenced to Mexico and the United States only for money laundering and criminal association. American justice released it, in August 2013, after a negotiation that remained confidential with the public prosecutor. Back in Mexico, a judge released him in turn, in February 2015, on the grounds that she had already served her sentence for the same crimes. When she left prison, “the queen of the Pacific” was quickly forgotten.

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