Migration and fentanyl at center of meeting between Biden and “Amlo” in Mexico City

No agreement was announced by the Presidents of the United States and Mexico before the summit of the leaders of North America, which includes Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, scheduled for Tuesday, January 10.

interim (Mexico, Correspondence)

This is the first visit of an American president in Mexico since that of Barack Obama, in 2014. Monday January 9, Joe Biden met his Mexican counterpart, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (“Amlo”), on the sidelines of Summit of North America leaders, in which Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also participates. Migration, safety and energy are at the center of the exchanges. These are three subjects sensitive to the Mexican host, who is wary of foreign interference and for whom the energy reforms are not negotiable.

m. Biden, of which it is also the first trip to Latin America, came with two requests: that his neighbor intensifies his efforts to slow down the massive arrival of migrants at his border and to attack fentanyl traffic, this synthetic drug that floods American cities. It was therefore on these two subjects that he spoke on Monday, during the bilateral meeting with Amlo. The Mexican president, for his part, has discussed humanism and politely stated that the United States had not invested in Latin America since the 1960s, which the American president has diplomatically denied. The two heads of state, however, multiplied the gestures of friendship to attest to their good relationship, without announcing any concrete agreement.

Author of a slogan according to which “the best foreign policy is internal policy”, the Mexican president is very little interested in diplomacy, does not go to international heights and has of Mexico at the nine occasions during the first four years of his sexenat. During his daily press conferences, he regularly criticizes the intrusion of Washington or Madrid in the security and energy policies of Mexico during previous governments.

“He is sometimes very critical with the United States and takes attitudes that we can only understand with the aim of satisfying his electoral base, explains to the world Rafael Fernandez de Castro, director of the center of studies United States-Mexico States of the University of California in San Diego. He politicized the relationship and uses migration as a lever, because Biden needs Mexico to contain flows. “

Two gestures Important

“Mexico deploys a” megaphone diplomacy “, which plays above all on symbols, and the United States bet on a diplomacy of the results”, observes Martha Barcena, who was the ambassador of Mexico in Washington During the first two years of the sex in Amlo. “Amlo is a leader who has been forged in social movements and has never been a legislator. He is not used to compromises and prefers the approval of the crowds. Biden, he distinguished himself for his mastery of Negotiation during her long career in Congress, “she adds.

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