Doctors admit possibility of need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 every six months

Doctors do not yet know how long the effect of the coronavirus vaccine will last. According to their proposals, the vaccination will need to be repeated every six months or a year. This was stated by the British Minister of Health Matt Hancock at a speech before by the House of Commons of the British Parliament, his words are reported by TASS .

“I think we may have to vaccinate people again, because we do not know how long the protective effect of these vaccines is. We do not know how often we will have to re-vaccinate people with the vaccine,” said the head of the medical department , expressing the hope that the third nationwide quarantine, which was introduced in the country on January 5, will be the last.

On January 4, the chief doctors of the UK regions suggested to increase the level of threat from coronavirus in country to the maximum. In addition, healthcare professionals have warned of the risk of overheating the healthcare system in the next three weeks.

In September 2020, a new strain of coronavirus was first discovered in Britain, which began to actively spread in December. According to the Prime Minister of the Kingdom, Boris Johnson, the new mutation could be 70 percent in advance. It affects the area of ​​the spike protein on the surface of the coronavirus, which is responsible for attaching to cells located in the mucous membrane of the lungs and a number of other organs.